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      Jumah Khalaf

      -Born in Jerusalem on December 1952
      -Married with five children three sons and two daughters.
      -Studied at Al-Hashimeyeh Secondery School ,then at Birzeit University
      -Graduated with B.sc of chemistry at science faculty on 1977
      -Working at Birzeit Pharmaceutical Company since April 3rd 1977 until now .
      -Started at the production department as a supervisor assistance for three years then as a quality control department manager for two years then back to the production department as a line supervisor for three more years.
      -On 1985 the board of directors appointed him as a vice general manager and assistant of the general manager for technical affairs. And still on this position since then until now.
      -Attended too many local and international training courses and conferences in many fields including technical and managerial affairs with certificates.
      -Board member at Al-Takaful Insurance Company and Palestine Press Company.

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