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      Our Community

      Social Development

      BPC implements an annual competition among its employees which motivates them to work in teams and adopt a development project through which BPC assists in improving the rural areas in Palestine.


      BPC sponsors ZEINA Institute for children who suffer cancer and Anti-Drugs Addiction Campaigns. Additionally, BPC ensures the well being of its people by supporting local hospitals all around Palestine.


      BPC believes in education as the weapon for sustainable growth and development, hence in addition to providing university educational support, the company focuses on students field visits to the manufacturing sites, whereby young students are introduced to the pharmaceutical industry and manufacturing processes.

      Additionally, BPC funds research and development initiatives, and devotes its laboratories for scientific and academic research.

      BPC also offers scholarships to distinguished students in local universities.

      BPC sponsors scientific researches that are implemented by local universities, in addition to, funding social and scientific conferences and workshops.?

      Cultural & Athletic

      BPC allocates part of its CSR budget to encourage local folklore dancing groups, musical and singing groups in order to help them improve performances. Whereas on the athletic level, BPC supports its Company's football team that is weekly trained and coached. The Company also, sponsors other athletic teams and activities in Palestine.

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