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      Our Environment

      Since 2004, BPC has invested in eliminating the environmental damage associated with the pharmaceutical manufacturing. The Company’s first environment friendly building was completed in 2012, whereby solar energy had been utilized as an alternate to fuel. BPC aims to replicate this environment friendly example on its other facilities and is still investing in applying new green energy resources.

      To accomplish BPC's vision towards its environment, the company? has adopted the following procedures:

      1. Water Drainage:

      We assess the amounts of water we utilize monthly, and have equipped an area for the reuse of about 1000litre /hour for the reuse of treated water, in addition to the treatment and reuse of steamed water.

      2. Solid waste :

      Solid waste resulting from our operations is separated into

      • contaminated waste ;are disposed under the supervision of the ministry of health
      • Clean waste is collected and separated .according to the nature of the waste, plastic, aluminum, glass and wood then being recycled or reused.

      3. Proper gas usage and air treatment system :

      At BPC we acknowledge the importance of protecting the ozone layer; we prohibit the usage of disastrous gases, such as exchanging of halon fire extinguisher with co2 fire extinguisher, and also prohibiting the use of Freon gas in water chillers.

      We also control the dust resulting from the handling of raw materials and processing of certain products, by providing air treatment system that enforce the circulation of 100%clean air in our production areas and also we use dust collection systems to extract all the dust and ensure a clean exhaust air

      ?BPC seeks to create an effective administrative environmental system and production method, were we always prefer to buy our raw materials from environment friendly providers ??,also all of our production waste is treated before disposal

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