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      Our Policies

      Quality Policy

      Birzeit Pharmaceutical Company seeks to create an effective administrative system for continuously developing and self-amendment that ensure the implementation of the requirements and guidelines of the Quality Systems: Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008), Environment Management System (ISO 14001: 2004) and current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) to ensure the Quality, Effectiveness and Purity of the products which enable the Company to compete in the global markets, to gain customer satisfaction and obtain the desired profit.

      Birzeit Pharmaceutical Co. and all its staff commit to apply the policy in order to achieve the above mentioned goals through:

      -Insuring the quality concept within all the Company’s processes and activities.
      -Implementing the national and/ or the international regulations, policies and standards related to the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing.
      -Providing all required necessities, material resources and infrastructure.
      -Support the Company with qualified and trained personnel.
      -Encouraging the continuous development of all the projects and programs.
      -Enhance the use of modern technologies in the pharmaceutical manufacturing.

      The company has built a system that transfers its strategic goals into group of activities and missions for the departments that are monitored and evaluated to ensure the achievement of these missions which lead to the strategic goal of the Company.


      Environmental policy

      Birzeit pharmaceutical company recognizes its responsibilities toward the environment, and so BPC is committed to prevent pollution and minimize the environmental impact from its products, services and activities.

      BPC is committed to full compliance with the requirements of the international standard [ISO14001:2004] to achieve its environmental objects and ensure continual improvement of its environmental performance.

      In order to implement the requirements of the international standard [ISO14001:2004] BPC has:

      -Comply with all relevant local environmental laws and regulations related to company's products, services and activities.

      -Reduce or eliminate environmental pollution like wastewater, solid waste, air emissions and optimal use of natural resources, alternative energy solutions through preparing and implementing environmental programs and work instructions to achieve company's environmental objectives and targets. These environmental programs, objectives and targets are subjected to periodic review and improvement.

      -Communicate the company's environmental interest and awareness to its suppliers and subcontractors.

      -Provide environmental training and awareness for company's employees.

      -Ensure the safety of employees and the facility from potential risks.

      -Continuously seeking for opportunities to improve its environmental performance in all company's products, services and activities.

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