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      Our History

      BPC was established in 1974 in Birzeit village, 10km north of Ramallah as a private shareholding company with a total capital investment of USD 150,000.

      1979:?Birzeit Pharmaceutical Company became a public share holding company with a capital of USD 0.5 million.

      1992: The Company merged with the third largest pharmaceutical company in Palestine, Palestine Medical Company, in addition to establishing Medix Company for Beauty Care. Medix represents a number of international Companies, such as Maybelline, Vichy and INDOLA.

      2001:?BPC acquired ISO 9001 certification

      2002: BPC took over 73% of Eastern Chemical Company, and later in 2004, the remaining 27% was acquired.

      2004:?BPC acquired ISO 14001 certification.

      2005:?BPC became listed in Palestine Securities Exchange.

      2008:?Continuous investment in quality lead BPC to acquire cGMP certification according to WHO standards.

      2010:?BPC doubles its export market share which reflected on its revenues during 2010.

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