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      Our Strategic Investments

      Strategic Investments

      Another important key to success is related to BPC's strategic partnerships, alliances, relationships with local, regional, and international companies, institutions, and bodies. The following sections provide brief descriptions of BPC's strategic relationship

      Lotus For Financial Investments

      In 2005, BPC and few of its main shareholders had established Lotus for Financial Investments, with a capital of USD 5 million. Lotus ranks the first among 9 brokerage companies in Palestine.

      The National Bank “TNB”

      was born out of the merger of Al Rafah Microfinance Bank and the Arab Palestinian Investment Bank.? TNB is a universal bank providing a wide variety of financial solutions to the corporate and retail sectors, including investment banking and microfinance lending.? With a paid-up capital of US$50 million, TNB aims to secure its position as one of the leading banks in Palestine.Exceeding 13,000 shareholders, TNB boasts the largest shareholder base in the Palestinian banking sector and a Board of Directors composed of the largest and most reputable institutions in Palestine.


      Al Takaful Insurance Company

      In early 2007, BPC and 3 local insurance companies decided to establish an insurance company that covers insurances according to the Islamic Sharia'a. The company started its insurance activities on February 2008. The paid up capital is USD 8.5 million.

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